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present like a pro



Prior to Class

I assess client’s current public speaking skill sets; determine their desired level of performance and how an improvement in public speaking skills will impact business results. I then develop and deliver customized training to improve performance.



There are ten elements that drive the success of virtually every presentation. I break down each of these elements into proven instructional techniques that will work for you and help you Present Like a Pro!

  • Audience Analysis – learn how to get to know your audience, and how they can help you thrive
  • Speech Structure – select easy to remember commonly used speech patterns
  • Overcome Anxiety – tips to transform “terror to terrific”
  • Harness the Power of – Non-Verbal Communication
  • Introductions – that people will remember
  • Body Building – strengthening the content of your presentation
  • Conclusions – to wrap it up in style
  • Professional Question Handling Techniques
  • Real World Practice (Mock Presentation)
  • Post-Class Support


My two day session includes: developing public speaking skills through interactive learning activities, delivering reality based mock presentations that are recorded, and receiving targeted feedback and coaching.


Participants rave that my classes are dynamic, fun, educational, and highly productive!


Post Class

I provide follow-up resources, and individual coaching to help improve the content development and delivery of future presentations.


Program Cost

  • My fees are based per class, NOT per student
  • A 2-day session runs $2,500 per day (out of town travel fees not included)
  • Will accommodate up to 15 students
  • The course textbook “Developing the Talented Public Speaker in You.” A witty, engaging, and easy to follow guide to help anyone from the novice to experienced speaker improve their presentation skills. This will be an additional charge of $15 per student
  • On a limited basis, post class coaching is offered to all graduates, FREE of charge



Impromptu Speaking


  • Follow up to Present Like a Pro!
  • Advanced presentation skills training
  • Participants will learn effective impromptu and improvisational speaking tricks to help you “think on your feet” when asked to speak or respond to questions, practice with real world scenarios, develop an elevator speech, and more!
  • Two days



Training for Trainers


  • I help employees and leaders who deliver training within your organization improve their performance and generate more impactful results
  • This program is perfect for newly hired or recently promoted associates to the training field or seasoned veterans looking to fine-tune their skills
  • They will learn the differences between speaking and training, gain an understanding of Adult Learning Theory techniques and how to apply them, practice with real world scenarios, develop a “training persona,” and more!
  • Two days



Interview like a pro


  • Most interviews follow a format outlined by Whetton and Cameron called the PEOPLE formula
  • As a former HR Professional and Training Superintendent with a Fortune 50 Company, I introduce participants to the PEOPLE formula and lead them through the process an Interviewer follows; and from that perspective, I help participants develop the skills necessary to excel in any interview
  • Participants will learn how to develop and fine-tune a resume’, interview preparations tricks, managing anxiety, structuring effective responses, and more!
  • One day


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