"We hired Pat to improve the presentation skills of our Construction Engineering Management graduate students. Year after year, we receive positive feedback from our students regarding Pat and how he has become a valuable part of their career development and success. Pat is extremely professional and does an outstanding job. I highly recommend him!"


Dianne Gilmer

Assistant Director, Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

"Patrick was excellent – he made the class feel comfortable very quickly. Lots of little ideas were given that added up to making a difference. Extremely helpful!"




Southern Company

"As my personal Speech Coach, Patrick was a pleasure to work with. He was talented, creative, extremely knowledgeable, and hard working. He truly helped me to become a much stronger presenter, and a more effective leader!"


Michele Waller

Congressional Candidate

District 7 Alabama

"Patrick has a high energy and fun loving personality. He is passionate about public speaking and helping others to improve their presentation skills. I’d recommend him to anyone who is looking to become a successful presenter."


Malcolm Kushner


Public Speaking for Dummies & Presentations for Dummies

"Patrick truly has a gift for presenting and is very knowledgeable about what people struggle with in this area."




State Farm Insurance

"Excellent speaker, great tips and advice; clearly had presentation skills down pat."



Birmingham Engineering Graduate Student

University of Alabama

"Great course, recommend it with this instructor. Definitely not “hokey” like other presentation classes can be. Teacher was great, normal, and motivating, not annoying as is stereotype."



Process Engineer

Southern Company

"Very personable instructor; Great job; It was a very beneficial tutorial."



Birmingham Engineering Graduate Student

University of Alabama

"Class was excellent use of my time, and will help with my future presentations. Pat is very knowledgeable and passionate about this subject."



Regional Quality Manager

Southern Company

(205) 914-0602


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