Presentation Skills Coaching




For those who want first-class, private, and personalized attention on developing public speaking skills for the same investment or less than you’d make on a class, contact me to arrange for a free consultation and I’ll show you what coaching can do for you!


For more than 15 years, I’ve worked with small groups and individuals in Corporate America, colleges/universities, and politics to improve public speaking performance through coaching.



Before we start, we’ll assess your current skill sets and determine your desired level of performance. We’ll also explore how an improvement in these skills will impact business results. Finally, we’ll map out a plan then go to work!



  • Small groups of five or less:
  • Five – 75 minute sessions
  • Meet once per week for five weeks
  • $499 per person
  • Benefits:
    • General consultation on all phases of public speaking
    • Observation, evaluation, and personal feedback
    • Script editing
    • Perfect for focused and steady skill development
    • Video-taping
    • No additional fee for reasonable travel



  • Meet as needed
  • $149 per hour
  • Benefits
  • Targeted consultation on specific public speaking skills sets
  • Observation, evaluation, and personal feedback
  • Content development and script editing
  • Perfect for creating and/or fine-tuning important presentations
  • Research assistance
  • Video-taping
  • No additional fee for reasonable travel


(205) 914-0602

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