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A number of years ago I bought my first home computer. I have always struggled with setting up unassembled merchandise, so naturally I dreaded the prospect of installing something with a hard drive, USB ports, a monitor, and the like. To prepare myself for this experience, I decided to start when I’d have the house to myself. That way, I could take my time and spare my family from witnessing any temper tantrums! Once I got started however, I discovered an amazing thing. The computer instruction guide was only one page long…, and it had colors…, and it had pictures. Before I knew it I had set up my computer, components and all, in less than forty-five minutes!


I share this to say that public speaking for many people can be just as intimidating, especially if you feel overwhelmed by the set up process and do not have a user-friendly instruction guide. In my quest to assemble my computer, I was excited to discover a simple and easy to follow guide that helped me conquer something I found so frustrating. I serve as that user-friendly instruction guide to my clients.


I will help anyone from the novice to experienced speaker improve their presentation skills through a step by step and easy to follow process which will result in successfully overcoming the challenges of creating and delivering a top notch presentation.



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